Sunday 21st December v Prestatyn Ladies (a)

Won 4-0

Sunday 11th January v Pwllheli   (a)

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Thank you very much to Danielle Knox for writing this fantastic match report for Airbus Ladies.

The Wingmakers reach new heights as they soar over Holyhead

A fixture which was difficult to predict at the outset having previously produced very different results was on the cards this week for Airbus as they travelled to Holyhead. A bare eleven faced a Holyhead team who were anything but lacklustre in their approach to the game.

Friend returned between the posts and McKeogh slotting into the strike force were two changes to the team for this week’s match. A pitch which had undoubtedly seen better days was to be the backdrop to a fiercely competitive game between the two sides who had seen some good results recently. Airbus on the back of two games and thirty-one goals in total were raring to go and were met with a very physical Holyhead.

Early in the game saw a clash between Friend and the Holyhead striker with tense moments for the away side as Friend

slowly got to her feet. Airbus pushed forward but it took the first ten minutes for the away side to settle into the game.

The wingers for the Wingmakers were to play a vital part with Prytherch and Lees causing the home side constant problems. The speed and width they provided the Airbus defence and centre midfield was exciting. The ball was often played over the top of the home side’s back four as Borley raced forward each time making her speed look effortless. After continuous onslaught in front of the home side’s goal, Prytherch broke through and scored the opener running through the defence to make it count for the away side. The home side continued to push forward with crunching tackles coming in left, right and centre.

The defensive maestro that is Miles showed how to defend with effortless prowess as she contained the home side’s forward who have would caused many a defence endless problems. Miles’ continued combination of strength, pace, timing and great skill meant the home side cut out many opportunities early on. Both Dolman and Twohig battled with their markers and delivered fantastic passes out to the wingers and also through the central midfielders causing the home side to chase every pass. Smith cleared every ball that came to her completing a very solid defensive performance for Airbus.

The next goal would come through a play out to the back of the home side’s eighteen yard box to Williams who made a very difficult shot look simple as she lofted the ball over the arms of the Holyhead keeper. Airbus’ continued domination and determination would soon visibly frustrate the home side who were by no means unmotivated. McKeogh soon came close as the ball was squared to her on the edge of the box but she couldn’t quite connect with it but it was indicative of the opportunities Airbus continued to create.

The third goal was one for the season as Lees’ continued presence down the right wing resulted in a shot which would leave the other players on the pitch in awe as she converted a powerful strike from the right side of the box into the bottom left hand corner of the goal.

Crunching tackles continued to feature in the game with the home side battling for every ball leading to some miscommunication in the away side’s box and collisions between defenders and Friend. At three nil up the away side were far from complacent being very familiar with how a game can change in a short space of time. Refereeing decisions blighted the game at points with unfair decisions against Airbus becoming increasingly frustrating for the away side. Miles showed the referee exactly what she thought about the decisions of the man in the middle and had to be warned about her conduct even if her views were shared by those in blue.

Half time came with a welcome break for both sides as the unforgiving pitch was draining energy rapidly from the away side with no substitutes to relieve the Wingmakers starting eleven. A quick team talk from Arrowsmith as he encouraged his team was all that was needed for a continually driven Airbus who awaited the start of the second half like lionesses stalking their prey.

The home side as predicted were out of the blocks first getting back a goal from a corner as Airbus once again failed to defend a corner adequately but the header from the centre midfielder was strong and impressive. Airbus refused to let this change the game and capitalised on their strength out on the wings with Prytherch fighting through the dense Holyhead defence and scoring a well deserved second goal.

A strategic change from Holyhead saw them put their strong and pacey striker to mark Prytherch at rght back. However, this failed to cut out her speed and skill. Airbus continued to send the ball over the top to Borley who was making the home side’s defence look very tired, getting herself in good positions and making dangerous runs wherever possible. Borley would go on to score two goals which were down to her speed as she continually tore through the home side’s defence and lead to one on ones with the keeper and came out the victor on two occasions. A tackle on Miles saw her struggle through for the remainder of the second half but her stalwart motivation was reflected in the rest of the Airbus side who held on for the win after conceding one more goal to the home side.

A gritty ninety minutes with plenty of moments to make spectators both wince and rejoice, the game finishing six goals to two to Airbus. The away side took all three points and wrapped 2012 in style by being top of the league at Christmas and continuing their unbeaten run. With such depth and strength in the squad, 2013 is welcomed with open wings.

Man of the match: Becky Miles

Airbus: S Friend, B Dolman, S Smith, B Miles, L Twohig, L Prytherch, A Williams, D Knox, B Lees, L McKeogh, L Borley.